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Westwood Little League - Kalamazoo Michigan


How do I contact you?
The best way is via our email address, [email protected] or through our Facebook page.  You can also send us mail to:
PO Box 19885
Kalamazoo, MI 49019

Where will our games be played?
Westwood Little League fields address is
3435 Grand Prairie Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Some teams play inter-league games and/or tournaments so there will be road games at other sites. Locations of other leagues fields can be found in the Helpful Links section on our home page.

When is registration?
Registration for the Spring Season typically begins in December and goes through mid-February.  Late registration (with an added late fee) will extend through mid-March.  Please see the Registration page under the Play Here section for specific registration dates.

What if we missed registration?
Late registrations are accepted (with a late registration fee) and, if the division you select is full, are added to a wait list.  Late registrants are only added on an "as needed" basis.  Please make every attempt to sign up during the designated registration period.

When do practices and games begin?
Practices for the Spring Season typically start in early April.  The season typically kicks off in late April and runs through June.

Do we play on Sundays? 
Games are not scheduled on Sunday, though there may occasionally be a make-up game re-scheduled for a Sunday with the approval of the two team managers. Teams may opt to have practices on Sundays, as most fields are available. 

What does the league provide for a uniform? 
Baseball players will receive a team jersey and cap.  Softball players will receive a team jersey and socks. Tee Ball division will receive team jersey and cap.

What else do I need?
We have helmets and bats for each team that can be shared, or you may bring your own, and we provide balls for practice and game play.  Your child will need their own mitt/glove and batting gloves (if they wish).

Softball players wear black pants, usually knee length.  Baseball players usually wear ankle-length gray pants.  Tee Ball players can wear baseball or softball pants, jeans, or other comfortable pants, as long as they don't interfere with running around.

Younger kids often play in tennis shoes but you may also buy cleats.  Shoes must be closed-toe for safety.  Metal cleats/spikes may only be worn by Intermediate (50/70), Junior, and Senior division players.

Is financial assistance available?
Westwood Little League does not turn away any player due to financial hardship.  We offer discounts to those with documentation of participation in reduced-cost school lunch programs and also, through generous donors, have scholarship funds available for those who need assistance.  See the Registration page for our Scholarship Request form and turn it in when you register.

What is the refund policy?
Westwood Little League only offers a refund if the league is advised before the first practice for T-ball and Minors and before Evaluations for all other divisions.

Why are background checks performed on all volunteers? 
In order to protect the safety of our children we process all volunteers using a thorough background check (criminal and sex offender in all states) as required by Little League International. 

Why can't players take warm-up swings outside of the dugout?
Over the years Little League has found that the likelihood for injuries to players is greatly reduced if players stay in the dugout.  Once players reach the Junior level, they are allowed to take an "on-deck" position outside the dugout.

Why can't coaches warm-up pitchers?
Little League’s position is that adults are here to teach the players and as such players should warm-up pitchers. Rosters are not limited to nine players so there should be additional players to warm-up a pitcher. The player must wear at least a catcher's helmet with a throat protector ("dangler").  This is a Little League International mandate for safety and liability which will be strictly enforced. 

When are Player Evaluations?  
Player Evaluations are typically held in late February or early March, just after the registration period has ended. 

What are Player Evaluations?  
Player Evaluations, sometimes called Tryouts, are a method of measuring the skill level of each player.  Tryouts is actually a bit of a misnomer since every child that wants to participate in Little League is allowed to play.  Evaluations allow each manager to assess each player’s potential and make an informed decision as he/she assembles a team during the draft process. 

Can my child "play up"?
Qualified players may be evaluated for a higher level but are not guaranteed of being drafted at that level.  A “qualified” player must be at least league age 10 for Majors, 8 for Little Majors and 6 (with at least one year of Little League Tee Ball) for Minors.

What is the "Draft"?   
The draft process is a method in which the managers select their teams. There are specific rules mandated by Little League International that we must follow as part of our charter. During a division draft, each manager is given a list of eligible players from which to select. Selection is made in a "serpentine process" where Manager #1 picks a player, then Manager #2 and so on until the last manager has picked a player. This ends a "draft round" and the process reverses, with the last manager starting the next round. This continues until all teams have selected a predetermined amount of players. 

What if I, as a parent, want my player on a specific team?
At the Tee Ball and Minors levels, you can request to be on a team with one other player OR with a particular coach, though there is no guarantee that the request will be able to be honored; we do the best we can but situations sometimes prevent a request from being fulfilled.  At the Little Majors, Majors, Juniors, and Seniors levels, all players are drafted so no requests are accepted.

What if I don't attend Player Evaluations? 
Players that do not participate in evaluations are restricted to which division they may play.  Eight year olds will play in Minors, 9 and 10 year olds will play in Little Majors, 11 and 12 year olds will play in Majors. You will be assigned to the next team in your division that needs a player.

How are cancelations handled?
If we need to cancel due to weather or other issues, we'll send an email to all registered members. We hope to be able to send texts to but that feature is not currently working for us. We do generally wait until about 90 minutes before game time (4:30 PM on weekdays, 8:30 AM on Saturdays) to send notices as we exhaust every option to allow us to play.

How do I stop the RainedOut notifications that I signed up for previously?
To stop all notifications from RainedOut, including from any other organization you may have signed up for, reply to the text with STOP. To stop just Westwood notifications, click the WLL RainedOut link on our home page, then click the Manage Your Alert Subscriptions link on the RainedOut page, then follow the instructions.
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