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All Stars

Following the regular season, every division above Tee Ball has a chance to form a team to represent the league in a tournament. This is commonly referred to as All Stars. Divisions from Little Majors and up play in a double-elimination bracket against other leagues in District 2. (NB: Minors do not have a tournament scheduled in 2022.)  Minors typically play in a tournament hosted by District 15 and that tournament generally begins at almost the same time as the end of the regular season and runs approximately 10 days.

Our All-Star process starts in early May. We will communicate details as we learn them. 

From past experience, dates are finalized and published very close to the start of the tournament because there are many "moving parts" for the district to organize, including:
- There are up to 7 division tournaments to plan and anywhere from 2 to 12 teams in each division.
- Schedules depend on field availability, umpire availability, and the number of days required to complete the games for the teams in a division. They must also allow for 5 days between the end of the district games and the start of the state games for travel and in case of weather delays during the district games.
- Leagues add and remove their teams very late, which impacts the bracket draw and can impact game dates.
- Leagues will agree to host games but then back out when they are unable to get volunteer staff.
- There are limited umpires to cover the games, even with D2 and D15 cooperating on staffing.

Also remember that at this level, all those involved in the planning are volunteers, meaning they may have jobs and other responsibilities to handle during this time. They prioritize Little League as much as possible but are not paid staff of Little League.

This information is from Little League Michigan District 2, who organizes and sponsors the tournaments.

All Stars is the tournament season that follows the regular season.  In each age division, each league selects their best players to form a team to compete against the other leagues for the District Championship for that age division.  The District Champion will then advance to the State Tournament for that age division.  For the age division of 10-12 (Majors) and up, the winner of the State Tournament then advances to a Regional Tournament.  Winners of a Regional Tournament would then advance to the World Series for that age Division.

If your player is selected to be on the All Star team, it is expected that practices will start in mid-June and most tournament games will be in July.  Your player’s presence will be required.  If your team continues to win, your player may need to continue to play into August.

As you plan your family’s summer events, please be aware of the Little League All Star schedule.  It is a great opportunity for your player to play All Stars.  The time to play All Stars is limited so keep in mind there will be plenty of other times in your life for vacations.

Below is a time line of age divisions.  These are only estimated dates.  Final dates can’t be set till mid-June when the district has a final count of the number of teams participating and knows umpire availability.

NOTE: These dates are for 2022 and all are approximate (not specific) at this time; "may start" means it might and it might not; "week of" means any time in that 7-day period.

Division"May start week of" Must end by State tournament start date Actual dates (2022) 
8-10 (Little Major) baseball7/87/18 7/23 7/11-16 (8 teams) 
Little League (Major) baseball7/2 7/127/177/5-13 (9 teams)
50/70 baseball6/287/57/106/27-30 (3 teams)
Junior baseball7/107/177/226/30-7/10 (6 teams)
8-10 (Little Major) softball7/17/117/167/11-16 (7 teams)
Little League (Major) softball6/287/57/106/25-29 (4 teams)
Junior softball7/77/147/19 
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